Courses @ Modish Institute of Polytechnic

Civil Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

The department has the facilities of fully equipped electrical machine laboratories having numbers of AC/DC motor generator sets, single phase and 3Φ transformer, single phase and three phase energy meters for conducting various experiments.

Electrical Engineering
Electronic & Communication Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Diploma in Medical Lab

Beside this, there are basic electricity and electrical measurement and measurement instrument laboratories having all the equipments and facilities for conducting various experiments/exercises as per diploma education programs. We are also having four numbers of electrical workshop/project shops having facilities for development and fabrication of various electrical projects and innovative activities. The department has the facility for designing and fabrication of single phase transformers, choke coils, voltage stabilizers, electronics fan regulator, emergency tube light, repair and redwing of various AC & DC motors. The department has the expertise for designing of electrical installation of residential/commercial buildings. It is also in a position to carry out repair and maintenance of various electrical appliances/equipments. The department is carrying out the electrical maintenance of this polytechnic building hostels and residences.

Laboratory in Electrical Engg. Department:

1. FEE Lab
2. BE Lab
3. Electrical Workshop
4. Electrical Machine Lab
5. Power Electronics Lab